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Rotating Sunloungers, Sunbeds & Sofas for Superyachts

We manufacture bespoke kinetic constructions for superyachts, including rotating sunbeds / sunloungers, rotating sofas and turntable applications.

Rotating Sunlounger / Sunbed

- 360º rotating sunlounger / sunbed
- motor-driven canopy / sunshade
- quartzite shelf with dimmable LED backlighting
- remote control via app or higher level controller
- bespoke

Technical Information:

- Diameter: 3 m
- Seat height: 46 cm
- All structural components made of stainless steel / suitable for outdoor use / saltwater-proof
- Seaworthy electric / electronic components installed
- Rotary movement and canopy / sunshade position controlled via remote controller,
  tablet or smart phone with app or pushbuttons on the sun lounger
- Surface finish of the shelf: quartzite (Azul Macaubas) with dimmable LED backlighting
- All visible stainless steel elements mirror-polished


- GPS control – automatic alignment according to the position of the sun
- Cooling atomized water spray
- Can be integrated into on-board bus systems, such as KNX, DMX, Crestron etc.
- Integrated Bluetooth loudspeaker

The rotating sunlounger / sunbed shown here is available to order at short notice. It can be customized with respect to the following: colour of the mattress, type of stone for the shelf, colour of the paint coating, colour of the canopy.

Rotating Sofa

- sofa segments can rotate individually - or can be combined to one big sofa
- controllable via App or higher level conroller
- bespoke
Rotating Sunbeds & Sofas
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