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Turntables | DSMA - AL

The fact that the majority of our activities are primarily focussed on trade fairs, exhibitions and similar events was one of the main reasons for developing the DSMA AL series of turntables, which have been realised in the form of skeletal aluminium constructions. The advantages of this type of design are obvious:

-  The maximum weight of each segment amounts to 65 kg, ensuring that it can be handled
   easily by two people.
-  There are few screw connections, which means that the turntable can be assembled very quickly.
-  Measuring just 135 mm to the top edge of the multiplex covering, the extremely shallow
   construction is predestined for flush installations.

Click onto the following link for an overview of the rental turntables that are currently in stock.

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We can guarantee a concentricity tolerance of 1 mm by milling the outer radius of the turntable when assembled.

Standardised welding templates are used to manufacture the individual frames and therefore guarantee maximum dimensional accuracy.

We supply a peripheral aluminium facing strip - measuring 100 x 5 mm - with height adjustment facility as the standard edging.
This provides a neat border for the finished surface of the turntable (e.g. parquet flooring, tiles etc.).
dsma - al

If an incremental encoder is used, the turntables can be programmed to stop at up to 15 different positions, travelling at user-definable speeds. Bumat's own PLC system is used to control the various speeds and stopping positions via a DMX controller or touch panel.
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