bumat turntables for rent and purchase
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Car turntables – for rent or purchase

bumat autodrehscheiben

- Turntables (flush-floor,
   with supporting structure)
   Parking turntables
   Special turntables
- The world's largest selection
   of turntables
- Fast delivery and installation


Rental period:
You can rent a turntable from us for any period
from a day to a year

We would be happy to draw up an offer that meets your individual requirements.


starting at 1,500 euros
(according to diameter, rental period and installation location)

Turntables for purchase:

All of our turntables are also available for purchase.
We would be happy to draw up an offer that meets your individual requirements.

From 3 to 55 m, flush-floor, free-standing, with supporting structure or as a customised special turntable


Car turntables
We offer the world's largest range of high-quality car turntables for trade fairs, events, showrooms and museums, including 360° turntables for car photography and truck turntables. Our turntables are available for rent or purchase.

Reference projects
» BMW Museum: 4 turntables ø 6 m
» Audi IAA 2015: 3 flush-floor turntables ø 5 m
» Hyundai IAA 2015: 2 elevating turntables ø 5,5 m

» other references


Customer feedback

"Museums tell stories and inspire people. Bumat's dedicated and experienced engineers not only offer us a means of presenting our classic cars, but also our mobile concepts of the future, to the public from all sides."
Peer Schmidt, Stuttgart

- 24 h customer service
- Worldwide delivery and installation
- Quality craftsmanship from the market leader


» sales@bumat.com
» Please send me an offer
» We'll call you back

More technical information

We supply turntables of any size and load-bearing capacity:
made of aluminium or steel, in diameters ranging from 10 cm to 55 m and capable of accommodating loads weighing between 500 kg and 450 metric tons.

We offer the following options:
- Standard heights overall: 135, 185 and 245 mm
- Standard load-bearing capacity: 500 kg/m2 - up to 7,000 kg/m2 available to order
- Current pick-up on the turntable for up to 150 A 3-phase AC
- Water, wastewater and compressed air supplies on the turntable
- Transmission of video, audio, DMX, LAN and PROFIBUS signals
- Tethered operator control panel
- Radio remote control of all turntable functions
- Synchronous running of several turntables
- Turntable inclination

- Bumatic controller:
   - User-programmable sequential control system to enter individual traversing movements (cues)
   - Speed selection for each individual revolving movement
   - Selection of start-up and deceleration ramps for each individual revolving movement
   - Arbitrary position selection (accuracy of up to 1 mm around the circumference)
   - Up to 20 traversing cycles (reciprocating movement, step sequences etc.)
   - Interfaces to diverse media control systems and light mixing consoles (DMX, RS 232, CRESTRON etc.)

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Car turntables
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