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Turntables | DSK 075

The DSK 075 turntable is equipped with a rugged spherically seated live ring measuring 400 mm in diameter.

It is driven by a friction wheel unit with worm gear motor. The nature of the bearing arrangement is such that it also enables the problem-free dissipation of eccentric loads. The turntable is also suitable for outdoor applications.
turntable dsk075

Technical data  
Diameter 750 mm
Maximum load-bearing capacity as per drawing 1,000 kg
Overall height 168 mm
Speed 0,8 rpm
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Standard colour RAL 9006 (silver)
Direction of rotation clockwise / counter-clockwise
Tare weight 68 kg
Transport weight 75 kg
Transport dimensions 0,9 x 0,9 x 0,4 m
Length of connecting lead 3 m
PDF / DWG download pdf  dwg
Rent for a maximum of 2 week  
Basic rent 1,975.- euros
Supplementary equipment (optional)
Sliding contact for current pick-up on the turntable 230 V / 2000 W included
Frequency controller for continuously variable speed regulation included

- The prices quoted above are net prices ex works in 68766 Hockenheim, Germany,
  and are subject to value-added tax.
  (Version 11/2017)

- Rental period if transported by the customer:
  Begins on the date of collection from Hockenheim
  Ends on the date of return to Hockenheim

- Rental period if transported by Bumat (charged separately):
  Begins on the date of arrival at the customer's premises
  Ends on the date of transfer to the freight forwarder for return

- Rented turntables are packed into suitable wooden crates, which enable them to be loaded
  and unloaded using a fork lift truck or by hand
- Payment for our services must be rendered net cash prior to dispatch
- Any damage to the equipment will be charged subsequently according to the effort
  and expense required to repair it
- Turntables may be assembled and installed by the customer himself.

Our General Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

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