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Special constructions

Apart from our extensive range of turntables, we also manufacture and supply all kinds of customised kinetic systems and special constructions. When it comes to transforming visions into reality, Bumat is your competent partner. Whatever movement you need – linear, rotating, elevating, inclining or a combination of these – out-of-the-ordinary challenges are routine business for us.

Kinder Surprise Mission

50 years of Ferrero

Technical data:
Height: 16 m - Diameter: 11 m - Total weight of the steel structure: 55 metric tons. Rotatable outer shell; inner capsule (red) can be rotated and inclined by 5° by means of a hydraulic system.

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kinder surprise mission

LG turntable with multi-screen monitor wall

A vertical wall with plasma screens on both sides is mounted on a 6 m turntable. Motors are used to move the screens fitted on the second level on linear guides.

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lg-monitor wall

Bugatti tilting track

A 20-metre long tilting track is installed in front of the Casino in Monaco and the vehicle drives over it during the presentation

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bugatti tilting track

Theatre - RuhrTriennale

The complete audience (900 people) is carried along the 100 m stage on a traversing platform.
The total weight of the platform amounted to 130 metric tons

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traversing platform ruhrtriennale

Yamaha tilting mechanism

Turntable with integrated tilting / inclining and rotating mechanism for 2 motorcycles, inclining by up to 45° to the left and to the right

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yamaha tilting mechanism

Special constructions
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Special constructions
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Special construction
kinder surprise mission
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