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Rental turntables - available in any size and load rating

bumat Rental turntables

- The world's largest selection
  of rental turntables

- Worldwide delivery and

- Fast installation

- 24 h customer service


Rental period:
You can rent a turntable from us for any period from a day to a year
(we would be happy to draw up an offer that meets your individual requirements)


starting at 80 euros
(according to diameter, rental period and installation location)

Diameter/load rating

from 0,1 m to 55 m

Load-bearing capacity:
500 kg/m2
to 7.000 kg/m2

Overall height:
135 mm or more

Turntables for rent

You can rent any turntable from us - from the classical display turntables measuring 10 cm or more, right through to the 55 m diameter heavy-duty turntables . You will find detailed information concerning the sizes, dimensions and load ratings of our rental turntables, as well as other technical data, at:
» Overview of turntables

Reference projects
» Chanel, Paris: Turntable ø 20 m
» Bundesvision Song Contest 2015: ø 24 m
» Audi IAA 2015: 3 flush-floor turntables ø 5 m

» other references


Customer feedback

"We were running very late and didn't really have any idea how to make it work … guaranteed failure criteria just a week before the fair one would think, ... and that's when we consulted Bumat. Competent and faster than we would have though possible, the competent Bumat team even managed to surpass our hopes and expectations. Our stand was a complete success."
Alexander Breuer, Munich

- 24 h customer service
- Worldwide delivery and installation
- Quality craftsmanship from the market leader


» sales@bumat.com
» Please send me an offer
» We'll call you back

More technical information

We supply turntables of any size and load-bearing capacity:
made of aluminium or steel, in diameters ranging from 10 cm to 55 m and capable of accommodating loads weighing between 500 kg and 450 metric tons.

We offer the following options:
- Standard heights overall: 135, 185 and 245 mm
- Standard load-bearing capacity: 500 kg/m2 - up to 7,000 kg/m2 available to order
- Current pick-up on the turntable for up to 150 A 3-phase AC
- Water, wastewater and compressed air supplies on the turntable
- Transmission of video, audio, DMX, LAN and PROFIBUS signals
- Tethered operator control panel
- Radio remote control of all turntable functions
- Synchronous running of several turntables
- Turntable inclination

- Bumatic controller:
   - User-programmable sequential control system to enter individual traversing movements (cues)
   - Speed selection for each individual revolving movement
   - Selection of start-up and deceleration ramps for each individual revolving movement
   - Arbitrary position selection (accuracy of up to 1 mm around the circumference)
   - Up to 20 traversing cycles (reciprocating movement, step sequences etc.)
   - Interfaces to diverse media control systems and light mixing consoles (DMX, RS 232, CRESTRON etc.)

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