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audi iaa frankfurt ruhrtriennale
audi iaa frankfurt audi rsq stelae
  Special projects for our customers
kinder surprise mission Audi - gyrating blocks porsche bugatti veyron world première audi graphic segments lg monitor wall
50 years of Ferrero - Kinder Surprise Mission Audi
gyrating blocks
Porsche -
World premiere of the Bugatti Veyron Audi -
graphic segments
LG - 38 plasma-
opel express elevator cloud 7 audi triangular stelae ruhrtriennale Toyota Yaris elevating turntable audi traversing plasma screens
Opel -
express elevator
Lufthansa -
'Cloud 7'
triangular stelae
RuhrTriennale - 'traversing platform' Toyota Yaris
elevating turntable
Audi traversing plasma screens
people mover viag interkom turntables audi rsq stelae
opel swivelling frame golf globe audi pavilion autostadt/wolfsburg
People mover Viag-Interkom turntables Audi
RSQ stelae
Opel - swivelling frame Volkswagen
Golf globe
Audi Pavilion Wolfsburg
goldwell extending platform vw video tower sushi bar    
Goldwell -
extending platform
Video tower
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>  Rotating rooms
>  Swinging arm for a
    driving simulator

>  Kinder Surprise Mission
>  Audi blocks
>  Porsche
>  Bugatti Veyron
>  Audi graphic segments
>  LG-Monitor wall
>  Opel express elevator
>  Cloud 7
>  Audi triangular stelae
>  RuhrTriennale
>  Toyota Yaris
>  Audi traversing plasma

>  People mover
>  Synchronised turntables
>  Audi RSQ stelae
>  Opel swivelling frame
>  Golf globe
>  Audi Autostadt
>  Goldwell
>  VW Video tower
>  Sushi Bar
Movies Highlights
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      driving simulator
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play  Audi triangular stelae
play  Audi traversing plasma
play  LG monitor wall
play  Audi RSQ stelae
play  Audi segments
play  Cloud 7
play  Kinder Surprise Mission
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Special construction
kinder surprise mission
> 50 years of Ferrero
> Chanel, Paris
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