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Parking Turntables

Bumat Parking turntables

The benefits

Turning is the best solution for driveways and access roads where limited space is available. Bumat parking turntables are the perfect parking assistants and they can be retrospectively installed inside or in front of existing garages or car parks.

Our parking turntables offer an easy means of turning your vehicle: drive onto the turntable, use the remote controller to activate and rotate the turntable and simply drive away. Our parking turntables are available as above-ground and underground versions. We can also increase the diameter and load-bearing capacity of the turntable to order.
Suitable for apartment blocks, office buildings and business premises, installation in front of single garages, underground garages, multi-storey car parks, hotels, car dealers, rental car companies. Suitable for outdoor applications.

Specification / technical data

- Diameter: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6 m
- Load-bearing capacity: up to 4,000 kg or 1,000 kg lumped load
- Overall height including surfacing 160/200 mm
- Frequency controller for continuously variable speed regulation
- Radio remote control using a hand-held transmitter with CW / CCW / stop functions
- Optional sliding contact for current pick-up on the turntable 230 V / 2000 W
- 360° rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise
- Available for above-ground or underground installation
- Fixed surround (joining edge)
- Platform surfacing: can be designed according to individual requirements
- Optional collision monitoring by means of laser sensors

The Bumat parking turntable

Each Bumat parking turntable has a supporting ring that runs around the outer perimeter. This design ensures that the turntable is absolutely flush with the ground around it and guarantees a high level of rigidity at the outer diameter.
The load is dissipated by ball-bearing mounted rollers encased in plastic, which are characterised by unparalleled smooth running properties.

The turntable frame is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. The motors are either entrained or stationary, fitted to the outer perimeter, according to the pertinent boundary conditions and the type of covering layer.
The fixed surround (joining edge) comprises a rolled U-profile with anchoring brackets to secure it to the customer's floor/foundation and a peripheral stainless steel skirt, which is screwed in position, level with the turntable skirt - Clearance approx. 5 mm.
A collision monitoring facility ensures that the rotation of the turntable is stopped before a collision position is reached. This monitoring facility comprises laser sensors, which are mounted on the wall or ceiling, and a controller to evaluate the sensor signals and disable the turntable function. A signal light can be used to indicate the enable position.
An additional emergency STOP switch is provided as another safety measure.

Parking turntables are delivered to the place of use, where they are installed, commissioned and maintained by our qualified specialists.

Parking Turntables
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