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Revolving rings

The modular design of the DSMA series of turntables enables the realisation of revolving ring constructions with virtually any combination of diameters.
The overall height of our rental revolving rings amounts to 245 mm to the top edge of the multiplex covering.
Rings of different heights can be supplied to order.

Without a central structure, revolving rings can be fitted around existing pillars or supporting columns.
revolving ring

They may be driven by means of stationary motors or "entrained" if a multipole contact conductor is used.

Interesting effects can also be achieved by combining a revolving ring with a turntable. Rotating in opposite directions, they create continuously changing impressions for the observer.

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Technical data:
Revolving ring ø 11.5 m / 4.0 m as part of an assembly line in the production of rear axles. Stationary ceiling structure for suspension of assembly tools.
revolving ring
revolving ring

Revolving rings
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