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Turntables | DSMA 20 - 330

DSMA turntables are available in two different heights. The overall height of the standard DSMA models amounts to 245 mm to the top edge of the multiplex covering, whereas the compact DSMA - NL only measures 185 mm to the top edge of the covering layer.

Click onto the following link to call up an overview of the rental turntables that are currently in stock (from D = 2 m with a load-bearing capacity of 2.5 metric tons through to D = 33 m with a load-bearing capacity of 450 metric tons):

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The turntable comprises a supporting structure that has been designed as a screwable sectional steel construction. The modular design of the system enables us to increase the load-bearing capacity by simply fitting additional runner rings to comply with the respective loading requirements. The outermost runner ring is fitted just 250 mm away from the outer perimeter and therefore results in very little overhang - we guarantee a 2 mm run-out tolerance relative to an adjacent surface.

The unit is equipped with numerous adjustable feet, which offer a very convenient means of levelling the construction. The ball-bearing mounted rollers are encased in plastic (polyamide) and are characterised by excellent smooth running properties.
If required, we can also supply Vulkollan-coated rollers for special applications in the theatre or studio sector, guaranteeing extremely quiet running, even at high speed.

turntable dsma30
The DSMA NL models are more compact. Using the same sectional steel turntable construction, we were able to reduce the overall height to the top edge of the multiplex covering to just 185 mm by using a runner ring that is just 30 mm thick.
This type of turntable is particularly suitable for permanent flush-floor installations as it offers a shallow construction that does not make any sacrifices in terms of smooth running due to the fact that the standard-sized rollers are used.

If an incremental encoder is used, the turntables can be programmed to stop at up to 15 different positions, travelling at user-definable speeds. Bumat's own PLC system is used to control the various speeds and stopping positions via a DMX controller or touch panel.
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