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Turntables | DSG 20 - 55

Development of the DSG construction has also be oriented to a modular system structure. The use of different module carriers enables realisation of turntables of various diameters (D = 2 m to D = 5.5 m in increments of 0.5 m) on the basis of a turntable centre with a diameter of approximately 1.8 m.

The central unit comprises a star-shaped rotary welded construction. This is mounted on a total of 12 prelubricated ball-bearing mounted plastic rollers, which are characterised by unparalleled smooth running. The turntable is driven by a friction wheel drive, which is flange-mounted onto the side of the unit. A rugged aluminium running ring - 1400 mm in diameter (red) - serves as the base. A 25 mm layer of multiplex covering is fitted onto the top surface.

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There is a steel skirt running all round the turntable, which has been formed in such a

turntable dsg 50

way as to provide a smooth transition to the covering layer on the top and a foot guard at the bottom. The complete steel construction is protected by primer and coating varnish in ultramarine blue (RAL 5002).

The standard scope of delivery includes a control unit with master switch and pushbuttons for counter-clockwise / stop / clockwise rotation and 8 m of connecting cable, as well as two drive-on ramps, which offer an easy means of driving the vehicle onto the turntable.
The turntable stands on rubber bearing panels and can be positioned on any normally level floor surface without any anchoring facilities. The DSG turntables are not suitable for flush-floor installation because of the overhanging revolving platform.

If an incremental encoder is used, the turntables can be programmed to stop at up to 15 different positions, travelling at user-definable speeds. Bumat's own PLC system is used to control the various speeds and stopping positions via a DMX controller or touch panel.

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